Use a template

A template is a simple way to get started with a typeform. Simply browse our templates gallery, find one that fits with your idea, and work from there.

Let’s say you want to make a market research survey. You can find a template for that, and it’s quicker than starting from scratch. Templates are also a neat way to see what you can do with Typeform.

How to find a template

  1. Go to your Workspace
  2. Move your cursor over the ‘+ Create a new typeform’ button and click. Use a template 02
  3. Now you’ll see two new buttons: ‘Start from scratch’ and ‘Use a template’, which you should now click.

Templates 02

Now we’re in the Template Gallery, which you can see below. You can scroll through the examples on the left, or use the Filter templates drop down menu to quickly find the category you want.

Choose your template here

When you see a template you want to try, simply click on it, and it will be opened in the right panel of the page.

Here you can try out the typeform template, and see if it fits your needs. Remember, you can edit it later, so it doesn’t have to be a perfect fit!

Click Use this template

If you decide to use this template, click on the ‘Use this template’ button on the left of the page. It will now open in your Workspace, ready to edit.

You can then edit your Typeform template:

  • You can edit the content and questions under the Build panel.
  • You can edit the colors, font and background image under the Design panel.
  • You can also edit the custom system messages. For instance, you can edit the text that appears above the progress bar and you can use it for alternative purposes, such as displaying your brand name or the purpose of the typeform. See an example below. To learn how, go to the Customize system messages article.
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