How to use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs

Recruitment doesn’t end with the acceptance of an offer. Keysa from our People Operations (POPs) team ensures that new employees get the smoothest onboarding possible.

Hopefully, her experience in Customer Success helps her fine-tune the process (:

One of the many things Keysa does is send a Welcome pack to everyone who accepts an offer. She uses a typeform for that and ensures new colleagues have all the important information they need for their first couple of days, in a pretty and organized way!

Keysa emphasizes the value this gives to both the POPs team and the newbie:

  • Newbies have said they truly feel welcome and start developing that sense of belonging even before physically joining the team. Everything goes very smoothly on their first day, because they already know the drill!
  • For recruiters, it helps them share all of that info with just one link! And it’s something that can be easily edited and adjusted when needed. It is also a tool to collect useful personal data (such as T-shirt size) as well as a photo.

Here is an overview of the Welcome pack form’s structure (note that the Question groups are collapsed):

Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 01

The original form was built by other team members, but Keysa has been in charge of maintaining it for a while.

This is how to make Keysa’s latest version of the Welcome pack typeform:

  1. Enable Hidden Fields. Then add a Hidden Field called “name”.
  2. Use a Welcome screen to greet the newbies. Pipe the name of the individual from the Hidden Field into the welcome message to make it more personal. Keysa makes sure the first impression is fun – just like working at Typeform (: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 02
  3. Add a Question group next and name it “Here’s what your first day looks like:”. Keysa opts for a Question group, because it gives her flexibility: she can add or remove sub questions as needed without having to put a lot of effort into restructuring the form. She says this often happens! It’s a dynamic, ever-changing place to work: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 03
  4. Add a few fields under the Question group: mostly Statements with information, such as what time the newbie is expected to arrive on their first day: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 04One of the fields is a File upload question where Keysa collects photos of new starters – so it can be included in a Welcome email sent to the whole company on the day of their arrival: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 05
  5. She also adds a Short text question: “And you’ll also get a Typeform hoodie and T-shirt to make you feel at home 😉  Can you give us your size? (e.g. S, M, 38, etc).” Use a Short question type to allow newbies to input their size using either numbers or letters. Sizes differ depending on the country, and our team members are from all over the world! Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 06
  6. Follow up the above section giving information on arrival and logistics with a Yes/No question: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 07
  7. Add a list of perks under a Question group. Here’s a screenshot of just some of them (they didn’t all fit the screen) 😉 Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 08
  8. Add another Yes/No question: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 09
  9. … and a few Statements with information about Barcelona, in our case, for those who will need them: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 10
  10. Add one last Statement to encourage the new employee to start experimenting with the platform: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 11
  11. Add a customized Thank You screen with a warm welcome from Beardyman. She used Piping again to display the newbie’s name she added to as a Hidden Field value: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 12
  12. Now the form’s built, the next step is to set up Logic Jumps:
    1. First, add Logic Jumps to the first Yes/No question “Would you like to read a reminder of our perks and benefits?”, so based on the answer, the list of perks will be either revealed or skipped: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 13Ensure the two logic branches are hidden until a response has been selected by defining the In ALL other cases Jump to field, and selecting the customized Thank You screen there. To learn why and how to do this, see this Help Center article.
    2. Add Further Logic Jumps to the second Yes/No question “Are you new in town?” to make the form relevant and only show tips to those who have recently moved to Barcelona: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 14
  13. Keysa also makes sure that the look and feel of the typeform reflects our company brand: she makes adjustments under the Design panel. Check out our Branding guidelines and tips article for more information!
  14. Last but not least, head to the Configure panel to enable Self notifications. This ensures that the relevant team members are notified each time a newbie fills in the form, and provides a photo, their hoodie, and T-shirt size: Use Typeform for new employee Welcome packs 15

And that’s it! The form is ready to go. Every one of our new Typeform team members in 2016 has been greeted a form like this.