Using typeforms in Customer Success

People are at the heart of any Customer Success team, but we need technologies to improve efficiency and organization.

Customer Success Team

This Inspiration project shows you how we use typeforms to make our Customer Success workflows run smoothly. They are a great way for us to talk to our community, and to collect feedback. Here at Typeform we use them at three specific points:

1: User submits a ticket

Customer success workflow

We use a typeform so people can contact our Customer Success team. The typeform is integrated with Zendesk, which we use to manage support tickets. The Zapier integration between the typeform and Zendesk pipes all the information we need to our Customer Success agents.

The typeform asks people to categorize their question, write a message and even tell us their mood!

Guide coming soon!

2: Churn survey (why are you leaving?)

If someone decides to downgrade their account, we like to know why. Did we do something wrong, did your project end? Asking churning customers why they are doing so is a good way to learn how we can improve our product.

We’ve created a dynamic typeform that uses Logic Jump and Calculator to respond to answers, and even to be sensitive to people’s feelings! Find out how we built it here.

3: NPS survey

We send out Net Promoter Score surveys regularly, to see how we’re doing. We send them to all new typeformers a month after signup, and once every six months after that.

Read our complete guide to creating an NPS survey using typeform. It also explains how we embed this typeform in the emails. We use a service called Intercom, but the process is similar with other applications like MailChimp and Salesforce.

For an in depth guide explaining why you should run these surveys, and the theory behind them, check out our Star Wars guide to NPS.

Find out (almost) all you need to know about Customer Success in our complete guide.