Variables allow you to build even more awesome and interactive questions. With functions like Piping, Hidden Fields, Calculator and Payment, you can create smart questionnaires, quizzes, and shopping baskets that will amaze your users.

So let’s show you what you can do with each one!

Variables and Piping

Awesome questions trigger useful answers, so why not employ them to keep on asking more awesome questions? Variables and Piping allow you to use the answers from previous questions to beautifully formulate new questions. Here‘s a full article on how to do it.

Variables EN 01

Variables and Hidden Fields

This combo allows you to better engage with your users by greeting them with their name, to ask them to confirm their email address and much more. Use the data that you know about them to impress them! Just click here to learn more.

Variables EN 02

Variables with our Calcuator

The Price Variable

If you want to create a fantastic shopping basket, donation campaign or collect payments for your services, this will be your best mate. You can add up to the variable price depending on users’ selections: If I want a book = $12, if I want a book and a muffin= $14. You can show the total price on the Payment field. But that’s not all it can do. If you click here you will be shown how flexible this variable can be. Do not miss the templates and examples there!

Inserting Price variable on a Typeform:

Variables EN 03

Setting up the calculator values for each choice in a shopping basket:

Variables EN 04

The Score Variable

Let’s face it: no one likes boring quizzes! Typeform’s score variable and the calculator allow you to give interactive quizzes adding up to the variable score, depending on the user’s response. You can even show them their results on the Thank You screen. Do not miss this quiz template to learn more.

Variables EN 05

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