Webinar: Getting started with Typeform v2

Typeform v2 is here, and with it comes a totally new way to make typeforms. It’s faster, simpler, and even more enjoyable to use than the previous version, allowing you to create eye-catching typeforms with less effort.

The new version of Typeform will replace v1 on 12 February 2018. We get that change can be daunting, so we’ve put on a series of live webinars to help you better understand what’s changed and why we made the changes. The Getting Started with v2 webinar includes:

  • An introduction to v2: Why did we change things?
  • Walkthrough guide: a tour through the new version of Typeform
  • Information on where to find support
  • Live Q&A with special guest (you’ll have to watch it to find out who!)

Click here to register for one of our upcoming free webinars. Don’t worry if you can’t make it: here we’ve included a recording of one of the live webinars.

Recording of live webinar, 1 February 2018

v2 walkthrough guide

If you haven’t got time to watch the whole webinar and just want the tour, here’s a video of only the walkthrough guide, which is much shorter (13 minutes 6 seconds, to be precise).

You didn’t answer my question!

Because of time constraints we sadly didn’t have time to answer everyone’s questions in the live Q&A. Don’t fret though, as we’ve created a Google Doc which we’re updating with answers to v2-related questions we didn’t get around to.

We also have a v2 FAQ page on our Help Center which outlines the core changes and answers to common questions.

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