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Get your typeform off to a great start with a Welcome Screen. Like the cover of a book, you can use it to entice your audience with a nice image, explain the purpose of your typeform, who you are, and more.


1. To add a Welcome Screen to any typeform, open it from your Workspace, then click the Add your first question button. At the top of this menu, you’ll see the Welcome Screen:2. Click this icon, or drag and drop it into your typeform:3. You can now write the text to your Welcome Screen, and add the following if you want:

Description: click this toggle to add additional text to your welcome screen. This is useful for adding extra information or instructions.

Recall Information: if your typeform has Hidden Fields, you can use Recall Information in your text to include information from them. So if you already know a respondent’s name, you can add it here. Click the +Add button, and you can choose from all your available answers.

Image: click to add an image. You can use JPEG, PNG, static and animated GIFs. The maximum size is 2MB. The maximum width is 800 pixels – if your image is wider, it will be automatically resized to this.

Video: you can include a link to any video uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. Simply paste the URL, then use the slider to choose the size you want. You can include a video or an image, but not both!

Button: this allows you to change the text in the Start button, up to 24 characters. Turn off the button if you want to keep your typeform online, but closed to new submissions.

How to skip the Welcome Screen.

If you’re sharing your typeform in an email campaign or promotional article, you may want people to skip the Welcome Screen. You can do this while keeping the Welcome Screen live for other respondents.

To do this,  just add the following string to the end of the typeform’s URL and… voilà! The Welcome Screen will be skipped.


Test it using this typeform:

If you are using Hidden Fields in your typeform, append the following string instead:


Use this annotated URL in your email, or shared on social media etc, wherever you want people to jump past the Welcome Screen.