What other companies do we share data with?

We take data security and privacy seriously. This is a list of third party companies and services that we use, and may sometimes share data with. We never share data unnecessarily, and take care to choose partners who meet our privacy and security standards.

List of third party services we use

Below you can find all the companies we may share data with, with an explanation of why. If you have any more questions about the data we share, please get in touch – the Contact Support button at the bottom of this page

Category: Operational services

These are the infrastructure services we use to keep typeforms ticking.

Data Disclosed: Amazon Web Services – All user personal data, Rollbar – might receive user personal data

Purpose: Hosting the Typeform platform, backups, real-time exception reporting and continuous deployment monitoring

Name: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rollbar

Category: Analytics

To make typeforms even better, we want to understand how you use them. These are analytical tools we use to help us understand that.

Data Disclosed: All user personal data excluding billing and invoice details

Purpose: To understand user behaviour inside Typeform platform, reporting and analytics

Name: Amplitude, Tableau

Category: Sales/Business Development

These are tools our sales team use to manage our relationships with some customers

Data Disclosed: All user personal data

Purpose: Sales and Customer relationship management

Name: Salesforce, MixMax

Category: Customer Success

These are tools we use to help us help you, when you need our support.

Data Disclosed: All user personal data

Purpose: Customer support, Customer relationship management and Onboarding through emails and in-app communications

Name: Zendesk, Natero, Appcues, Autopilot

Category: Marketing

Our Marketing team use a range of tools to tell the world about the awesome things we’re building at typeform.

Data Disclosed: User email addresses

Purpose: To target marketing campaigns at relevant audiences

Name: Facebook, Bing, Trustpilot, Google Analytics, LinkedIn

Category: Subscription Management

To make sure your account details and any payment stuff is safe and organized, we use these services.

Data Disclosed: User’s account and billing details

Purpose: Subscription management, referral management, payment processing

Name: Stripe, Stunning, Saasquatch, Chart Mogul

Category: Productivity tools

We sometimes share data within the company using Google’s productivity tools.

Data Disclosed: Might share some user related personal data

Purpose: To manage daily operations and collaboration with necessary stakeholders

Name: Google GSuite

Category: Accounting

It’s not all fun and games, someone has to make sure invoices and payments etc are all in order. We use these tools:

Data Disclosed: Financial data related to subscriptions, invoices and billing details

Purpose: Managing our accounting needs and meeting our legal requirements

Name: EAL-A3, BDO

Category: Data processors

We need a tool to help us make sense of the data we collect, so we can understand what works and what doesn’t.

Data Disclosed: All user personal data

Purpose: We use Segment to route tracking data from Typeform, and all data from Stripe and Zendesk, to other 3rd party tools.

Name: Segment

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