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Organize your Workspaces to reflect the departments in your company.

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Give each of your departments their own workspaces: Management needs its workspace, Marketing and Customer success teams need theirs, and so on.  This is what your account might look like:
Department Account

Organizing your account by department lets you store all the corresponding typeforms and data in a secure and organized way.

Your colleagues will be able to start creating and editing typeforms collaboratively, that belong exclusively to their department. As the account owner, you can access all Workspaces, while other team members will only be able to see the Workspace you’ve invited them to.

Martina is a Team member of a PRO+ account. This is how Martina would see her account, with the Human Resources workspace you shared with her:

Martina's Workspace

  • Only Martina can see and access “Martina’s Workspace”. It’s the default workspace from her personal account. She cannot see your personal workspaces, or any others she has not been invited to!
  • “Human Resources” is the Workspace you’ve shared with Martina. Shared Workspaces have a little group icon next to their name, which you can see in this image. Martina can collaborate with her team here to create typeforms related to her department. 

You can find templates that suit different departments in the Template Gallery:
Template Gallery

Also, here are some real life examples of how we and other companies use Typeform to suit departmental needs:



Customer Success

Human Resources

Office Manager


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