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The first thing you see when you log in to Typeform is your Default Workspace, “My Workspace”. This is where you keep and organize your typeforms.

When you create your first typeform, it’ll live here by default. Your typeforms are always displayed in order of creation, with your most recent first.

However, this isn’t just a place to access your typeforms!

What can I do in Workspaces?


Simply mouse over any typeform in a workspace to reveal these four options:

Workspaces 02

Preview opens your typeform in a new browser tab.

Access your results immediately with the Metrics button.

Duplicate is useful if you want to reuse something you built without losing the original. Configurations and results are not duplicated in this process.

If you click Delete, a warning message will pop up confirming that you want to do it. Be aware that if you hit Return on your keyboard, that will ‘agree’ to deleting your typeform!

Create new workspaces.


Rename any Workspace whenever you want by simply clicking on its name. You can delete Workspaces too, but not the default ‘My Workspace’, even if you rename it.Workspaces 06 v2

Find a typeform or Workspace

Click the grid button, and you’ll see a search bar. With this you can quickly find typeforms or Workspaces.Workspaces 07 v2

Move typeforms between Workspaces.

When you do decide to organize your collection of typeforms into different Workspaces, you’ll need to move them!

1: Click the Workspaces grid, then mouse over the Workspace where your typeform is now. Click “Move”.Workspaces 08 v2

2: Now you’ll see a list of the typeforms in the Workspace. Select the typeform (or typeforms) you want to move.

3: Select the target Workspace from the list.

Workspaces 09 v2

Your typeform’s configurations and results are maintained in this process.

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