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No coding needed

Just type your questions, make up the scoring and design it for any audience using our built-in tools.

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Visual is the new black. Engage them even more by using gifs, videos, images and icons in your typeform.

Interactive input…

means interactive output. See all scores in a way that pleases both the professor and the perfectionist.

Michelle J Halpin
Been setting up a little customer impact capture quiz using Typeform. Really quick and easy to use (looks good too!)
Michelle J Halpin Communication and Engagement Coordinator

Fully customizable

Let your test or quiz reflect its theme or your personality. Anything from color schemes, background images and button texts can be adjusted at will.

Apply conditional logic (Logic Jump)

Give your product a compass to follow. Logic jumps can make a test harder, easier, or go in a different direction based on answers.

Calculate scores

Make smarter tests for education or business. Calculator lets you can assign a value to every answer to tally up scores automatically.

Leah Ryder
My first Typeform quiz creation - such a creative process! What result will you get? ?
Leah Ryder All things content and marketing at Trello

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What you ask is important. How you ask is everything.

Yann Ilunga
Heard of Typeform? Perfect for surveys, quizzes, contact forms, lead generation and much more! I ❤️ this tool!
Yann Ilunga 4x Podcaster | Founder of the biggest podcasting virtual summit in the ?