5 proven ways to get more leads with your forms

The Typeform team analyzed 10,000 lead gen forms and discovered the top tricks for better conversion. The best news of all? They’re super simple.

Lead gen forms that perform

Typeform’s data scientists analysed 10,000 lead generation forms and found the common characteristics of the top performers. Follow these tips to improve yours:


1. Use lead magnets and incentives

Whether it’s a free trial, gift, discount, or the chance to win a prize, lead magnets work. Be sure to feature them in your form for up to 11% more completions.


2. Create a sense of exclusivity

Forms featuring language that suggests exclusivity or limited access showed a 25% increase in conversion. Examples:

  • “Be the first”

  • “Get early access”

  • “Subscribers only”


3. Use numbers on the welcome screen

Numbers create clarity and including them in typeform welcome screens led to a 17% increase in completions.

  • “You’ll get a voucher in 3-5 days”

  • “We only have 20 spots available”

  • “This will only take 45 seconds!”


4. Ask for people’s email first

Sometimes there’s no point beating around the bush. People know you want their email address - and cutting to the chase by asking for it upfront showed a whopping 42% increase in completion.


5. Fewer questions = more completions

The facts speak for themselves: People prefer answer fewer questions, so keep your lead gen forms short and sweet. (Take extra care if you’re considering more than two, as this decreased competions by 19% in our study.)


Takeway tips in a nutshell

  1. Use lead magnets

  2. Convey exclusivity

  3. Include numbers

  4. Ask for the email first

  5. Use fewer than 6 questions

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