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Human Resources (HR) Forms


360 degree feedback form template

Create a culture of feedback to develop your team

Career History Form Thumb

Career history form template

No more applicants getting frustrated when filling out their work experience.

CV Application Form Thumbnail

CV application form template

No more manually storing and organizing resumes.

Day Off Request Form Thumbnail

Day off request form template

Stay on top of your employees’ day off requests.

disciplinary action form template Thumbnail

Disciplinary action form template

Create constructive, complete disciplinary reports to send to staff

Employee Availability Form Thumbnail

Employee availability form template

Who’s working when? Get a clear overview of everyone’s availability with this form.

Employee Coaching Form Thumbnail

Employee coaching form template

To grow your business, you've got to help your employees grow, too. This is where it all starts.

Employee Availability Form Thumbnail

Employee complaint form template

Employee concerns and thoughts matter. Address potential complaints in the workplace efficiently.

Employee Availability Form Thumbnail

Employee details form template

Give new team members a warm welcome and a smoother onboarding

Employee Equipment Agreement form Thumbnail

Employee equipment agreement form template

Get your employees to register their laptops, monitors and headsets to keep a stellar record of company equipment.

employee equipment issue form template Thumbnail

Employee equipment issue form template

Collect and organize employee reports for broken or malfunctioning equipment

thumbs14 employee evaluation

Employee evaluation form template

Give employees feedback they can act on

Employee Information Form Thumbnail

Employee information form template

New address? Phone number? Emergency contact? This form takes care of it all.

employee job description form template Thumbnail

Employee job description form template

Make gathering employees' data easier by collecting all the information at once

employee medical form templateThumbnail

Employee medical form template

Collect medical information from employees for your staff records

employee performance appraisal form template Thumbnail

Employee performance appraisal form template

Get your employee performance reviews done in style and provide useful feedback

employee suggestion form template Thumbnail

Employee suggestion form template

Boost employee satisfaction by giving your team members a voice

executive director evaluation form Thumbnail

Executive director evaluation form

Good leadership can make or break a company—and a feedback form with input from employees can help them on their way

thumbs21 expense reimbursement

Expense Reimbursement Form Template

Ditch the paperwork and automate this key financial workflow

hotel employee evaluation form thumb

Hotel employee evaluation form

Collect honest, actionable feedback on your staff and pinpoint areas for improvement

Incident Complaint Form Thumbnail

Incident complaint form template

Capture incident reports and quickly resolve issues with an online form

thumbs22 incident report

Incident report form template

Free your team from paperwork—a fast, secure way to record incidents

Appointment form

Interactive appointment form template

Say goodbye to boring appointment forms

it new hire form template Thumbnail

IT new hire form template

Streamline onboarding processes with an IT new hire template. Collect all the information you need in a click, and onboard them like a pro.

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