Quick-Start Customer Insights Survey Template

Get better answers with a form that doesn’t feel like a form

Want to really know your customers? Make your forms a little more human with this friendly customer insights survey. It’s easy to make—and even easier to take.

This Quick-Start template comes with questions and features prepared, and a simple design so it’s easier for you to customize.

There's a ton of question types to choose from—Multiple Choice, Rating, Opinion Scale, and more. Get the data you need without any hassle.

One question at a time means your form feels more like a conversation—and gets higher engagement

Cool, professional, wacky...customize your form to express your brand any way you want

“Just got Typeform and I’m beyond excited to gather user feedback with beautiful forms. I feel like a survey artist!”

Yanina Wolfe - Customer Success @EightSpokes + Co-founder @CityAwakeBoston.

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