Customer data

The four types of customer data and what they can do for you

The end of cookies isn’t a threat: it’s an opportunity. Discover all the data streams at your disposal, right down to zero—getting you closer to your customers and even better insights.

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Zero-party data: Straight from the source

Zero-party data is the purest you can mine. Through interactive content like quizzes and polls, your audience can tell you their thoughts, wishes and beliefs directly.

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First-party data: Reading behaviors and demographics

First-party data can give you valuable insights into your customers, like web activity and purchase history and helps build revenue for your brand. And because the data comes from your own channels, you own it.

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Second-party data: Power in partnership

Second-party data comes from partners like Google or Facebook. This can give you helpful insights while someone else does the work, but make sure you vet each partner first.

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Third-party data: Quantity over quality

Third-party data provides a poor experience for customers and weakens brand loyalty. So try to wean yourself off this data stream.

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