Third-party data is over. Here’s how to pivot

Data tracking is harder than ever—and that’s not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Discover how to unlock even better insights through alternative sources, and enhance your customers’ trust without losing their information

Frame 1342

Go beyond the new privacy regulations and find out how to comply with your customers’ wishes—not just the law

What's in the guide


Explore every single data stream

There are actually four different types of data: third, first, second, and zero-party data. Understand the unique opportunities each source provides, and find out how to maximize them.


Find the right use for each source

Effective data management relies on balance, using each touchpoint effectively. Discover the practical strengths and weaknesses of each data source, so you can give each avenue the correct weight and adjust to suit your needs.


Get better data through real conversations

We get our most valuable information when our customers give it freely. Get inspirational ideas for content that will open conversations with your people, so they don’t need to share their details… they want to.

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