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Rustle up a beautiful landing page in minutes, and rake in the leads like a boss.

The conversion rate of the typeform is at 10.6%. For the pace at which I executed this, it beats any smart landing page you could make.

Florent Schmal PhotoFlorent Schmahl Digital Marketer @ Shoelace
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Get started in minutes

Dive right in with a template that’s ready to go, and launch your page without a line of code. Typeforms can rank on Google, and you can redirect to any URL upon completion.

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Collect quality data

Typeforms respond to answers to show only relevant questions, like a real conversation—no annoying pop-ups!  When people enjoy the experience, they’ll give better answers.

design it your way

Effortless elegance

Control how your typeform looks by customizing fonts, colors and buttons. Plus pick from thousands of images and videos—or use your own.

Automate with Integrations

Automate with 120+ integrations

Send responses to your favorite apps without lifting a finger: pings in Slack when you get a response, syncing with Google Sheets, and lots more.

You used to need developers to do all this. Not anymore.

Kyle MaltzKyle MaltzDirector of Sales and Partnerships @ Dollar Flight Club

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