Get more leads with these 5 quick wins

Want to collect better data? We analyzed 10,000 forms to explore what the most successful have in common. Keep scrolling to find out more.


1. Start with numbers

Numbers have an immediate impact and including them on your form’s welcome screen can increase completions by 17%. Consider using phrases like:

  • “Receive a voucher in 3-5 days”

  • “Only 20 spots available”

  • “Takes 45 seconds”


2. Request emails early

People know you want their email—and cutting to the chase by asking for it upfront results in a massive 42% increase in completion.


3. Offer incentives

Whether it’s a free trial, gift, discount, or the chance to win a prize, lead magnets work. Feature them in your form for up to 11% more completions.


4. Highlight exclusivity

Forms that use language suggesting special access or limited availability see a 25% lift in conversions. Use phrases like "Be the first," or "Subscribers only" to see results.


5. Keep it short

It’s a fact—people prefer to answer fewer questions, so keep your forms short and sweet. (We found that including more than just two questions decreased completions by 19%.)

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