We built


because we wanted to democratize the way people answer questions on screens by making the process more human & more engaging.
Early on, we realised that if you provide a space that champions user experience and good design, you would naturally draw the user into being more willing to answer and more likely to give honest answers.

So we set out to re-invent the old way of gathering data by ditching everything we knew about

online forms and surveys

… including check boxes, radio buttons, labels and much of the rules that Jakob Nielsen (the overlord of user experience) would gasp at the thought of getting rid of.

Thus, the “typeform” was born: a nimble, fast & surprisingly sexy way to ask questions to your users, customers & peers, on any device.

We spared no effort in building a platform that would allow anyone to create typeforms intuitively & effortlessly. We wanted to make sure that the people who would be creating typeforms would enjoy making them as much as the users that would fill them in.

We’re now a team of 17 pushing Typeform forward and today we’re going to start our own revolution: a new Web where answering questions doesn’t have to be boring, a new Web where companies, brands and individuals can wear their identity & values on their sleeves whilst collecting data … at least that’s the plan.

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