Chris Walker shares 5 ways to generate demand

Watch and learn how to breathe new life into your marketing with the Refine Labs CEO and put it in action with a campaign launch checklist.

What you’ll learn

1. Get to know your ideal customer: Connect with the people you work for. Segment your audience but don’t stop there—actually speak to them.

2. Build your marketing system: Build a single funnel that converts well and optimize other channels by their own metrics.

3. Experiment with your marketing channels: Optimize relentlessly to learn what works for you and listen to your audience to serve them what they’re asking for.

4. The problem with marketing attribution: What can’t be measured, gets deprioritized. Stop thanking Google for all your traffic and find your fans online.

5. Create demand, not just sales: Communicate with customers before they are in “buy” mode. Transactions come easier when your product does the talking.

Here's a checklist that will help your strategy:

“In order to do it better, you need to first change the way that you think about marketing.”

- Chris Walker

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Chris Walker

Founder and CEO of Refine Labs, a progressive demand generation firm that challenges the status quo in B2B marketing.

Chris also hosts the State of Demand Gen podcast where he chats with today’s top B2B leaders to share tangible advice and tactics to over 15,000 marketers.

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