Empowering a design platform: Typeform & Designity

With the power of automation and feedback forms, Designity has saved millions in operating expenses and fostered an inclusive community of like-minded creative professionals.

About the case:

  • Industry: software, advertising, creative as a service (CaaS)

  • Integrations: Hubspot, Slack, Google Sheets, Airtable and Zapier

  • Years of experience with Typeform: Five

  • Main use case: Lead generation, feedback, project management, applicant tracking systems (ATS)


Designity is a tech-enabled collaborative platform that supports companies and organizations with their design and marketing needs. The platform gives companies a better alternative to traditional design solutions by providing services such as verified creatives, a managed design process, tech automations, access to a personality-matched creative director, and flexible pricing. Unique in its approach, the platform has helped companies like Calendly, Kung Fu Tea, and Marriott Hotels. Designity also supports the new generation of creatives by offering mentorship and training opportunities through its community.

Like many companies, Designity was looking for business growth to the tune of 200%. They also needed efficiency in their day-to-day business tasks and in their communications between clients and design teams. With Typeform, they found an easy solution that helped them automate many functions, integrate into their existing tech stack, and allowed them to better connect with their clients, community, and employees.

“Typeform is super intuitive and the integration with Zapier and Airtable makes it a very strong tool.”

Shahrouz Varshabi, Founder & CEO

The Use Case:

While at first Designity spent time and money building their own software without an in-house IT department, they quickly learned about Typeform. They now use Typeform solutions across their entire business. With Typeform, Designity has been able to create systems and processes, automate functions, and collect and analyze data from their clients, community, and employees. Typeform has helped Designity deliver projects faster, provide actionable insights to creative teams, and deliver platform notifications to clients quickly while also increasing their lead generation, community member and client onboarding activities. Some of the Typeform solutions they use include:

  • Lead generation forms

  • Onboarding forms

  • Candidate application forms

  • Project duration calculator

  • Project brief & timeline generators

  • Deliverables submissions

  • 360 Feedback collection

  • Account modification

  • Ticketing system

“We have many active typeforms that are connected to our website, as well as our internal platform. On the marketing side alone, we see a great conversion rate, which is at about 35%.”

Shahrouz Varshabi, Founder & CEO

Designity used Typeform last year to prototype, test, and build parts of systems and processes. They've achieved business objectives such as:

  • Building a true peer-to-peer performance review system where community members collect points for submitting and receiving reviews from each other and clients. Accrued points allow for leveling up, where members earn more money and advance their careers.

  • Building a custom hiring and onboarding system for creatives and creative directors that fit the business model and company culture.

  • Measure and increase client retention by tracking client satisfaction, as well as sending regular reports to clients every 90 days with services received and metrics, benchmarking client value received

  • Creating project briefs and timelines

  • Building a custom project management and tracking system using Typeform and Airtable.

The Typeform Difference in numbers:

With Typeform and paired integrations—which removed the need for an IT department—they've saved nearly $3.5 million. Typeform positively impacted business on a number of fronts including:

  • Submitted deliverables  using Typeform—500 per month (85% of all deliverables)

  • Requested projects using Typeform—150 per month (100% of all projects)

  • Applied creatives using Typeform—1,200 per month (100% of creative applications go through typeform, they hire about 2%)

  • Lead generation and client onboarding—100 per month

  • Feedback collecting using Typeform—150 per month

Designity's use of Typeform is a great example of how companies can leverage the power of online forms to meet their business objectives. With Typeform's intuitive platform and beautiful forms, Designity engaged clients and took their lead generation and client engagement activities to the next level.

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