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How Barry's took the heavy lifting out of event signups

How do you register 60,000 people for a fitness event without breaking a sweat? For leading workout network Barry's, it’s all about fast, friendly automation that also builds your brand.

When you’re in the gym business, the concept of “no pain, no gain,” comes with the territory. But Steve Padis and Becca Ravenna draw the line at repetitive manual work for the Barry's team, especially when it’s at the expense of quality client time.

Typeform has freed up our time so we can be more client-facing, and focus on building loyalty and engagement.
Becca Ravenna, Corporate Sales & Partnerships Director, Barry's

As a Typeform Enterprise customer, and with the help of a dedicated developer advocate, global fitness network Barry’s has created a custom app to smooth out the booking process. It's been essential in providing a seamless experience both for individual members and a fast-growing base of corporate clients—and importantly, for the Barry's crew themselves.

A new era of remote working (out)

In an industry that’s so physical by nature, the pandemic could have hit Barry's hard. But whereas their infamous Red Room workout sessions would accommodate up to 60 people, suddenly they could open up the virtual doors to thousands. 

At the same time, companies were seeking new ways to keep teams motivated. A remote fitness program would not only look after employee health, but also come with a lower barrier to entry for those more comfortable working out at home than in a gym setting.

New opportunities for Barry's? Definitely, but not without challenges.

We knew we couldn’t register thousands of attendees with our old system, so we needed a solution to alleviate some of the manual work. That's where our partnership with Typeform came in.
Becca Ravenna, Corporate Sales & Partnerships Director, Barry's

Time to change pace

Before Barry's started using Typeform, their clients had to first open an account on a separate platform in order to sign up for an event. This felt like too many hoops to jump through just to book a session. So in the spirit of providing a best-in-class experience—ensuring the only effort made was during workout, not before—the Barry’s team had been manually registering attendees.

With the new potential to welcome thousands of people, this wasn't going to be sustainable.

We just hosted a virtual event for 60,000 people using Typeform for the bookings—there was no way we could have created accounts and reservations for that many people individually.
Becca Ravenna, Corporate Sales & Partnerships Director, Barry's

Work those apps

As Enterprise customers, the Barry’s team got the help of a Customer Outcomes manager plus their very own Typeform developer-entertainer, Nicolas Grenié. As well as starring in their "favorite meeting of the week," Nicolas worked closely with Steve and Becca to create an app that would sync with their existing tools, and smooth the sign-up process for corporate clients and their employees. The app would:

  • Generate a pre-designed and branded typeform using Barry’s existing workspace, which meant they could update it easily at any time

  • Automatically create a Barry’s account once attendees filled in the typeform, or pull the account details for existing clients

  • Connect directly to Barry’s backend booking system and create reservations for classes

Typeform’s developer, Nicolas, was absolutely phenomenal. He understood exactly what we needed and worked with our other tech partners to build a customized integration.
Becca Ravenna, Corporate Sales & Partnerships Director, Barry's

Before the creation of the app, this process would have been completely manual, with Barry’s team members collecting data from Google Sheets to create new client accounts and book class reservations.

The app can easily save us about 8-10 hours a week of manual work. We're super happy.
Becca Ravenna, Corporate Sales & Partnerships Director, Barry's

Now, the team can invest where it matters most.

Building core strength + keeping up the reps

As VP of Strategy & Business Development, Steve Padis says their top KPI is building and strengthening the Barry's community. So that means not only building up their client base through new client acquisition, but also tracking conversion, and measuring the frequency of visits, whether virtual or in-person.

With the new app doubling up as both a lead capture tool (by auto-creating new accounts) and a signup form for workouts, the team feels the value of Typeform in helping them hit these important goals.

Typeform has definitely impacted our new client acquisition by providing a more streamlined and seamless experience for events and bulk purchase clients.
Steve Padis, VP of Strategy & Business Development

Higher up the funnel, Becca's team is also using Typeform to bring in new business accounts and cater for custom requests with bespoke packages. Corporate partnerships have brought in thousands of new clients for Barry's as employees take advantage of their new perks.

Typeform has been such a fundamental part of how I interact with my clients. It’s now an essential part of our corporate program.
Becca Ravenna, Corporate Sales & Partnerships Director

Staying on form, and on brand

Barry's clearly positions itself within the luxury category (if you haven't been to their studios, think Dyson hairdryers in the bathrooms). Since launching in 1998, the company has branched out with new experiences and modalities like Barry's X, Barry's Outdoors, and Barry's RIDE. That recognizable brand is one of the company's most important assets, which they handle with care.

We’re always trying to be as legitimate and on-brand as possible. Before Typeform we used Google Forms, but that type of experience didn't meet our internal brand standards.
Becca Ravenna, Corporate Sales & Partnerships Director, Barry's

Switching to Typeform wasn't just about adapting to rapid growth and change. It was also about making sure every interaction projected the right image and experience of the Barry's brand.

We upgraded as we needed more responses before hitting our limits, and also because we wanted our forms to be solely branded as ours.
Becca Ravenna, Corporate Sales & Partnerships Director, Barry's

Forms that do the full circuit

Typeform has had clear standout value for the corporate sales and marketing teams, but other teams are already making use of Typeform—from PR to People Ops—and Becca and Steve are sure there's more to explore.

Our love of Typeform took off when we started running these big events. But it’s grown into something that serves so many different use cases across our teams.
Becca Ravenna, Corporate Sales & Partnerships Director, Barry's

And now with unlimited responses and user seats, personalized training, and Enterprise-level support, they can keep welcoming thousands of clients without the heavy lifting.

I'm super appreciative of the Typeform product and all the help from the team. We're very excited to hit the ground running in our next phase.
Becca Ravenna, Corporate Sales & Partnerships Director, Barry's

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