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The Non-Designer's Hub

An all-access guide to Typeform's best design-centered content with useful tips and helpful resources for non-designers.

This one goes out to all of the non-designers. The free-thinking creatives who know a beautiful design when they see it, but can't quite figure out how to create great design themselves.

Can you relate? Or maybe you’re just curious about design. In either case, you're in the right place. This is the Non-Designers Hub to help you on your way to awesome design—even if you're not a designer by trade.

Dive in. Get helpful tips on how to apply the key principles of design, and learn how to translate these learnings into useful techniques for your upcoming projects and typeforms.

Design Principles for Non-Designers

At the heart of any good design are proven best practices to help designers create effective compositions. But what are these guiding principles exactly? More importantly, how can someone with little to no design experience still make their stuff look good? These articles will guide you through six principles and get you one step closer to creating strong visual designs.

Tips for non-designers, from Hey Studio’s Verònica Fuerte

Hey Studio is one of Barcelona’s top design studios, acclaimed for their brilliant work and fresh, bold creative. We caught up with the Founder and Creative Director, Verònica Fuerte. Here's her advice for non-designers on how to achieve beautiful design.


Design tips for non-designers by Hey Studio and Typeform

Hey Studio’s Verònica Fuerte, and our very own designers bring design principles to life with useful tips and simple ways to create great design. Check out the videos and get inspired.

How to apply Hey Studio’s tips to create a beautiful typeform

Not everyone is design-minded. And that’s okay. Check out this article for six ways you can design your typeform to match your brand by following Verònica Fuerte's tips.

Design better (type)forms

Now that you've got the basics of design and a bit of know how for creating visual impact, it's time to make your designs count. Whether you’re searching for your audience or delighting your loyal customers, good design and (better) typeforms might just make the difference between an unattainable lead and a loyal customer. The following articles are practical guides for designing great typeforms.

Liz Stokoe's guide to owning your interactions

The secret to better answers, are better questions. But how exactly do you create questions that speak to your audience, represent your brand, and ensure valuable responses? Professor of Social Interaction, Liz Stokoe, tells you how to improve your forms and get the info you need.

How Unsplash can help make your forms look less like forms

Photography is essential for creating connections. In some cases, it might even eliminate the need for words altogether. We love photos so much, we built an Unsplash image search feature into your Typeform workspace. This article shows you how to get started with your next photo-enhanced typeform.

Our latest design features

Check out our latest features to take your design to the next level. From videos to custom layouts, you can create unique typeforms that really stand out from the rest.

Deep dive into design

The final frontier of our design-centered hub for non-designers is all about gaining a deeper understanding of how great design can create the ultimate experience for your community of users. Do you really understand how to make a lasting connection with your users? These articles will get you there.

In search of the ultimate user experience

An in-depth look at the evolution of customer-centered design. Welcome to the new world where user experience is everything. Read on and see what it takes to move up the UX spectrum into the ultimate experience: HX.

Rebranding Typeform: finding the real us

Creating an authentic brand identity that matches your company values and goals is a key step toward building a meaningful business. Without that, there’s disconnect, confusion, and mistrust. We’ve been down that road and learned some valuable lessons. Read on to learn how we found our authentic brand identity.

Will the future shape design, or design shape the future?

The future and design. Which will influence the other? Our designers consider this question and provide an intimate account of how empathy and design intersect within Typeform, becoming integral elements in the future of our product.

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