Ucraft is a website builder that lets you “make your own website while heating up a pizza slice.” What’s not so easy: knowing what to cook up next. Here’s their recipe for anticipating customer needs.

At Ucraft, we put a lot of love into our website builder. And just like any solid relationship, we work hard to build lasting customer experiences through two-way conversations. Because winning the customer acquisition game means listening closely to clients.

But it’s not easy to have genuine conversations when your customers are scattered around the globe. So how do we do it?

Here’s how we anticipate customer needs by gathering and acting on feedback.

Discover unusual promotion channels

Once upon a time, we built a logo maker. Why? A survey told us to.

We’d just launched the first version of the Ucraft website builder, so we wanted to start a conversation with our first customers.

Take a look for yourself:

What did we find out? The majority of our users were entrepreneurs and small business owners. That was good to know.

The bigger surprise: almost everyone wanted a tool to help them create a personalized logo for their business.

So what did we do? We created a logo maker!

We were so focused on improving our website builder that we hadn’t even thought about diversifying our business.

Ashot Mnatsakanyan, Head of Business Development at Ucraft

The Logo maker isn’t just popular with (u)crafters—Google’s algorithms like it as well. Our SEO rankings got a huge boost, creating a traffic loop for our product: people find us on Google, visit Ucraft to create a logo, and then convert into website crafters.

In fact, our logo maker is now the single biggest promotion channel for our product, all thanks to our initial product feedback survey.

Behold the Ucraft logo maker in action:

Prioritize ideas via customer feedback surveys

The easy part? Creating a backlog of ideas for new features that customers might want. The harder part? Prioritizing which features to actually build.

Our approach: you guessed it—ask customers what they want.

In one of our latest surveys, we learned that many people want to monetize their website. So after some conversations, we figured out that the best way to give their e-shops a boost was to build an integration with Shopify.

And what happened? Lots of happy (u)crafters are now more easily turning their websites into cash machines. Like this one:

We love those big fixes. But sometimes it’s the smaller changes that create big impact. Like when users told us that they’d like to be able to undo actions with the classic ctrl+z keyboard combo.

Obvious one, right? Now mistakes can be fixed with a quick key click.

Create customer-driven content

When choosing new blog topics, we always check in with our users to make sure we cover the topics they really care about.

Gohar Zalibekyan, Marketing Director at Ucraft

Of course you need a blog. But how do we know we’re writing content that people really want to read?

Yes, we track traffic trends with Google Analytics. But to really know our readers’ thoughts and opinions, we go straight to the source with a survey. Here are things we ask:

  • What do you enjoy reading?

  • What do you need help with?

  • What should we write more of?

Here’s what we found: readers are seeking info on how to build and optimize their websites for business. And that meant everything from SEO trends to UI/UX design.

Our next step was to put together a massive Web Marketing Guide. And our users were incredibly grateful, because it’s just what they’d asked for.

Remember: educating users is a big key for customer retention. Turn survey findings into written content, videos, and webinars that help your customers get their jobs done.

Are you listening to your customers?

Create listening opportunities to keep the customer voice resonating in everything you do.

Ana Grasic, Marketing at Ucraft

You already know that customer feedback is important. But to make it work, you need to develop a culture of listening.

Your customers’ voice tells you where your business stands at a particular moment in time, and points you in the right direction for your next to move. It’s the best guide to the future of your business.

After all, customers are the only ones who can tell you what they need, like, dislike, and ultimately—what they want to buy, right?

Because on this journey, it’s not enough to stay in step with users. It’s about creating listening opportunities that keep the customer voice resonating in everything you do.

Ana Grasic is a project manager at KickAssGrowth and a part of the Ucraft marketing team. She loves both copywriting and digital marketing. But she likes ice cream even more.

How you ask is everything.

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