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Hello to the Future: Celebrating 10 Years of Typeform

A message from Typeform's Chief Brand Officer, Karrie Sanderson

Since the first days of Typeform, people have been at the heart of everything we do. Our founders recognized an opportunity to deliberately design interactions between businesses and their audiences that are more personal, engaging, and human. A decade later, our conviction that conversational experiences help businesses grow and engage their audiences has only become stronger, and is validated by the success of Typeform customers. 

According to a Salesforce report, 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Much like the experience you have when meeting a person for the first time, if a business fails to make a positive impression, it has likely lost its chance at turning that interaction into a long-term relationship.

How can businesses make better first impressions in a world that is increasingly digital?  At Typeform, we recognize that it’s best to just be yourself (or your brand) across all of your critical digital interactions—we recognize the power of a friendly “Hello!” 

“To create a connection, brands need to start behaving less like faceless institutions and more like people [...] more transparent, empathetic, open and authentic.” (Lippincott)

With our global headquarters in Barcelona, we introduced ourselves to the market in 2012 with a brand campaign aptly named “Hola.” Today, as a global company with a distributed workforce of over 500 people across 10 different countries, and a fresh round of funding, we are reintroducing ourselves with “Hello.”

In the US, this will come to life in an advertising campaign featuring the works of award-winning  illustrator Luis Mendo. You can check out some of his other works here

But for us, “hello” is more than just a greeting or a creative concept for a marketing campaign. It’s a metaphor for Typeform: both as a brand and as a product. As a brand, because we treat people (and greet people) like people. As a product, because we help companies do just the same. Our forms, surveys, quizzes, and asynchronous video solutions are thoughtfully designed to be personable, thoughtful, and conversational. Most importantly, they are meant to be easily embedded to constantly bring people in and keep them engaged. The result? Growth. Insights. Loyalty.  

We are bringing human connection to an otherwise impersonal experience—be that generating leads, conducting research, soliciting feedback, or any number of use cases you might associate with boring online forms. Typeform introduces a human-centered, conversational design element that will ultimately result in higher response rates and better data. All while providing a better, friendlier experience for the respondent. It’s a win-win scenario that will change the way brands conduct business. 

We’re looking forward to continuing the foundation we’ve laid over the past decade by helping more businesses establish deeper connections with their customers and audiences, unlocking limitless growth. 

Everything we focus on is designed to bring people in. Not just as customers or employees, but as people. To involve them, invite them in, listen to them, and engage them. 

As a company, we grow by helping our customers grow. And our customers grow by using Typeform to more seamlessly interact with people while collecting data. Nowadays, when people are asked to share their data, they often have a negative reaction because they feel that they’re giving something away to a vague entity they don’t really know, and not getting anything in return. According to Pew,  79% of Americans are concerned about how their data is being used by companies. It makes sense—in real life, would you ask a new acquaintance for personal information without establishing trust? Probably not. What if you can make it more fun and engaging for your audience to safely share their preferences, opinions, and insights by offering them a personable, beautiful, interactive experience? Enter Typeform. 

In a world where companies use forms and surveys to take, take, take—Typeform offers a “give-and-take” experience through beautiful, brand-able, conversational interactions. The resulting zero-party data is much more powerful than data that can be bought or unknowingly extracted.

"Simply filling in a form feels like a generic experience, like you’re answering questions for someone else’s benefit. Chatting with a [typeform] gives the sensation that you’re the one who's started interacting and finding out more information. It feels like you’re more in control somehow." —Paloma Palomo, Marketing Strategist, Hint

It’s time to make the most out of every opportunity and every interaction with online audiences. It all begins with the first impression—but it goes way beyond. That experience touches everything: from the first contact, to the collection of data. At every step, businesses should always focus on creating genuine, human connections. 

We’re looking forward to reintroducing Typeform as the gold standard of no-code, thoughtfully designed, people-friendly forms, quizzes, surveys, and asynchronous video solutions for brands of all sizes to engage with people and accelerate growth. 

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