Typeform’s $135M Series C is Just the Beginning

A message from Typeform CEO Kim Lecha

At Typeform, we are guided by an enduring set of values that shape our goals, behavior and culture. Each helps shape who we are and how we work together, but today there is one in particular that comes to mind: Win together. 

We’re proud to share the news that Typeform has completed a significant investment round that will accelerate our mission to bring people closer as we help build a world of more personal business relationships through engaging conversations at scale.

We raised $135 million in this Series C round, the result of countless wins that we achieved together. I want to take this opportunity to applaud the tireless work of Typeformers all over the world. None of this would be possible without the commitment of our entire global team, and every single Typeformer has a role to play in our future success. 

We have made great strides in building a unique and consequential company. Our brand promise is to help our customers be successful by bringing people in—today, more than 125,000 businesses worldwide use Typeform, growing and engaging their audiences through more than 500 million interactions per year. 

At every step of our journey toward creating the gold standard for online interactions, we’ve been grateful for the continued guidance of our investors. This round was led by Sofina, with participation from returning investors General Atlantic, Index Ventures, Point Nine Capital and Connect Ventures. We’re also thrilled to partner with new investors, as Top Tier Capital Partners, GP Bullhound, Teamworthy Ventures and Trium Venture Partners also joined in the round. We’ve now raised a total of more than $187 million to date. 

That is far from the only milestone worth acknowledging today. I want to point out just a few of our recent achievements, each of which showcases the incredible dedication and passion that Typeformers embody as we continue to grow and innovate alongside our tremendous customers and partners. 

We’ve tripled revenue

We’ve driven steady, efficient revenue growth, reaching more than $70 million ARR in 2021, up 3x from 2018, and we still see a massive market opportunity ahead. 

We’ve doubled our workforce

We’ve built a dynamic team that has more than doubled over the past year, with more than 450 people representing more than 50 different nationalities across the globe. 

We’ve continued to turn users into promoters

Nearly four out of five Typeform customers come to us organically, a flywheel powered by the exceptional experiences that we deliver and opportunities we unlock. According to a survey we conducted, 95% of customers say Typeform helps their brand shine and 87% reported higher completion rates with Typeform. In the SaaS industry net promoter scores (NPS) hover around 30, on average. Typeform’s NPS of 61 highlights the remarkable impact of our empathy-led approach to caring for our customers, turning many of them into promoters.

The Next Chapter

It’s important to reflect on our considerable achievements to date…but we’re far from done. We are energized by our momentum and are continuing to stay focused on our long-term vision. As our co-founder David Okuniev mentioned in today’s press release, “Businesses of all sizes confront intense pressure to create a meaningful digital experience and find opportunities to make personal connections with their customers through online interactions.” 

In addition to being a validation of what we’ve built, this investment is also recognition of the scale of the opportunity that Typeform is addressing—89% of companies say that online is their principal customer interaction channel, yet only 34% of companies treat customers as unique individuals. That massive delta is where Typeform comes in. 

We are redefining how brands and customers connect in the digital world by designing new ways to make online interactions more human. Through authentic and personalized engagements, we ensure that every interaction opens the door to growth with better customer relationships and better customer insights.

With an unwavering focus on enabling mission-critical jobs for our customers, we celebrate their successes as if they were our own, because they are. Here are just a few worth toasting to. 

“Typeform is one of the first things we consider to do the job. Because dev time is so sacred and protected, we're always looking for a no-code solution. And Typeform is one of the core parts of that solution. It lets our Growth, Ops, and Marketing teams get things done and doesn’t take from developer time.”

— Will Allen-Mersh, Head of Brand & Marketing, Spill

“As a brand, Volvo always puts humans first and Typeform was an excellent way to engage with our clients on a more personal level than with standard forms.”

Tobias Wamser, Marketing Manager, Volvo

“Customization is key. As a small company, we don’t necessarily have access to all of the tools that larger companies can use for all of these customizations, but I love how Typeform was able to really work with us to deliver that experience.”

— Alicia Ferguson, CMO, CurlMix

“The idea validation typeform has allowed us to really get to the core of what our product should be—what we’re building, what features to focus on, where people are struggling.”

— Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder, SparkToro

We’ve had the privilege of seeing users put our no-code interaction experiences to use across countless amazing projects. Our blog is full of inspiring stories, from an 800-question typeform that turned into a non-profit platform relieving over $250 million in debt for struggling families, to a university that built a chatbot for engagement with prospective students to drive interest and applications, to a charity that provided refugees with 43,529 nights of free shelter using just two members of staff, volunteers, and Typeform. 

We also work closely with our users to understand their needs and feedback so that we can continue enhancing our offering. We’ve introduced a number of powerful solutions, such as VideoAsk, our video conversation solution that enables one-to-one asynchronous conversations at scale, and Typeform Chat, our no-code chatbot builder that lets businesses engage audiences with a life-like chat, while making the most of automation and efficiency to attract leads and recommend products. We’re constantly aiming to unlock value for Typeform users, whether by improving accessibility, introducing feedback communities, bringing fantastic new leaders on board, or offering powerful integrations with top apps such as HubSpot, Google Sheets, MailChimp, Salesforce, Slack, and more to ensure Typeform customers have full control of where their data insights across their entire funnel. 

These wins are indicative of how we intend to use this latest investment—we’re focused on our customers, our partners and our people, and this round will fuel our full-throttle journey to deliver them world-class experiences. We will accelerate product development, nurture emerging technologies, expand our team and deepen strategic partnerships as we continue our efficient growth trajectory and help customers engage their audiences and grow their businesses by enabling hundreds of millions of interactions that power more immersive online, asynchronous, human-led experiences.

Finally, I want to leave you with a quote from an interview that David gave in 2018, which continues to resonate and provide perspective today. “Like most companies we look for the most talented and passionate people we can find. But one thing we also [look for] is humility. Why humility? I guess the obvious answer is that the more good hearted people around, the better the experience for everyone. But there is more to it… I believe that when a person is humble there is always more room for progress, more room to admit failure and more room to learn.”

We are incredibly proud of the story we’ve written so far—now we’re on to the next chapter. 

Kim Lecha, CEO, Typeform

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