Introducing Typeform Connect

Less work, more flow. All the ways you can connect Typeform to other apps are now in one simple directory.

We may live and die by forms here at Typeform, but we know that our interface is only a small part of the conversation between you and your customers. The other apps you choose along the way? They’re up to you.

Whatever your workflow, we want Typeform to be part of that journey. So we’re excited to share the latest development in our startup story: Typeform Connect.

Less work, more flow

All the ways you can connect Typeform to other apps are now in one simple directory. But this launch is more than just a new webpage.

Typeform Connect is about helping our customers get the Typeform experience wherever they need it. So we’re opening up to more collaboration and innovation with companies who love Typeform’s UX.
Robert Muñoz, Cofounder and Co-CEO

To kick off Connect, we’re teaming up with industry juggernauts like HubSpot and Cloudflare as part of our mission to help businesses grow. We’re also working with innovators like Nomnom and Ortto to bring our combined value to our customers as we grow together.

What does this mean for developers?

A lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes to pave the way for Typeform Connect, which included a full overhaul of our developer tools.

We’ve been adding functionality to our API, so it’s getting easier by the day for other companies to build integrations. Opening our San Francisco office was also a key step for building stronger Developer Relations.
Luke Miller, Head of Business Development

Want to team up with Typeform? Itching to get into our API? Can’t wait to connect Typeform to your favorite app?

Head over to Typeform Connect for more information.

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