Typeform launches its new Community

Introducing a united space that shines a light on the true pioneers of our brand: our customers.

We want our customers to be awesome and to create badass things that improve the lives of others. And we get really excited when we see our customers succeed.

As our Senior Director of Customer Success, Christine Werner, puts it:

“Getting closer to your customer is everything now. Leading with empathy is not just a nice to have, it’s a must have, especially as we approach a new way of building more personal business relationships.”

Christine Werner

At Typeform, everything we create, literally, is inspired by and made for our customers. Just imagine what could be accomplished if all of that creative energy and inspiration was harnessed by Typeform creators and enthusiasts to unite and empower each other.

We believe this space—this opportunity to connect—is a necessity. So we created it, and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Typeform Community!

Learn, collaborate, and listen

The Typeform Community is a collective. A place for you to get inspired, share ideas and vision, and collaborate with like-minded people. A space where we can all get together to collaborate and thrive.

Here’s more on that from Christine:

So, what’s the new Typeform Community all about and why should you be a part of it? Let’s get into the specifics:

Why should I join?

The Typeform community will provide you with plenty of inspiration and the opportunity to learn new things. See what other people are doing with Typeform. Find answers to your burning questions, dive into all things Typeform and beyond, and help inspire others with your ideas too.

What are the perks?

There’s a lot coming to Typeform in 2021. From new feature releases to new integrations, as part of the community, you’ll be the first to know about it. Plus, you’ll:

  • Get exclusive "behind the scenes" access into how Typeform has grown its business—with the help of our own tools!

  • Network with like-minded people and share what's working for you

  • Find out others' hacks and tricks to unblock everything you'd like to do with Typeform

  • Learn more about real world use cases and how people are integrating Typeform into their tech stack.

How do I get involved?

Joining the community is easy. Just use your Typeform login to get started. Join the conversations that are already happening, post your own questions, and talk with creators just like you.

A place for the wins, the fails, and to lift each other up

This community is a two-way collaboration. Between Typeformers and customers and between customers themselves. Want to share learnings about your latest win or fail? Have an idea for a new feature or integration? We’re all ears. Need help with a typeform or want some tips on how to best engage your audience? We've got your back.

Our Community is also: 

  • Accessible. We’re inclusive and open to everyone and anyone that wants to collaborate. We believe that’s how meaningful conversations are made. (Diversity in opinions, respectful discourse and being empathetic to others is our way.)

  • Supportive. We’re in this together, so we all contribute to answering each other's questions and in uplifting one another. (Don’t fret—our Help Center and email support are still alive and well. They’re also the go-to destinations for your technical questions.)  

  • Connected. Our community connects members with each other. This connectivity leads to inspiration and progress. And a deep sense of belonging. (This is a safe haven to nerd out on all things Typeform and imagine new solutions.)

  • Meaningful. Our community brings us one step closer towards building long lasting relationships. At the end of the day, this is all about you. (You’ll lead this community and guide its journey.)

At the center of it all

At Typeform, finding ways to connect and be more united to our customers, partners, and each other is very important to us. Our Community aims to bridge the literal, and sometimes figurative distance that divides us so that we can empower founders, creators, developers, and marketers to thrive.

So that you can thrive. And without your participation, enthusiasm, awesome ideas or questions, this community simply won’t thrive. 

As businessman and philanthropist Jack Ma says: “the world needs new leadership, but the new leadership is about working together.” That sums it all up quite nicely, doesn’t it?

So, join us in our new community. Share knowledge and let's help each other grow.

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