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Typeform now offers even more media options with the integrated Pexels video library

Now you can spice up your typeforms with thousands of high-quality videos—for free.

“Filling out surveys is always a pain in the ass.”

Random guy on Twitter

We feel you. Those impersonal questionnaires, those lifeless black-and-white question blocks—who could blame people for not wanting to answer them? If you could only make your online forms and surveys somehow come to life...

Oh, wait—you can! Now there’s a way to turn your typeforms into an engaging treat for the eyes, so that your respondents will actually enjoy filling them out. Thanks to the built-in Pexels-powered video library, you can easily pick from 300,000 high-quality videos and add them to your typeforms. 

Want to establish a feeling of warmth with your respondents? Add a video showing joyful people—and set a positive mood from the start.


Want to keep your respondents calm and relaxed when they fill out your survey? Use a soothing video for the background:


How about sparking some inspiration?


Whatever the goal or style of your typeform, the right video can help draw people in. Our customers create over 4,000 typeforms with video every month.

Curious about real-life examples? Here’s how Laszlito, our Creative Director, used Pexels videos to animate a feedback typeform he sends out to our Brand Design team:


So how does it work? 

Pexel’s entire video library is already waiting for you in your Typeform builder. And these videos can be used in any of Typeform's layouts, even as a full-screen background video. To add a video when creating a typeform:

  • Simply click the “Layout” button in the top right corner of any question block in the builder to select where you want the video to appear. 

  • Then under “Media” click “Edit” 

  • Select “Video” to access the Pexels video library, then search or browse to find the video that fits your mood. 


And there you go—your typeform just got a whole lot more impressive. You can check out our more detailed walkthrough in this video and Help Center article.

A couple quick video tips

Curious? Inspired? Great! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. When selecting a video, make sure it compliments the question or information being shown, instead of distracting from them.

  2. If you use videos for the background, adjust the brightness to make the text in the question easy to read. Make the video darker if your text is in light-colored fonts, and brighter for darker fonts.

  3. Don’t forget to preview your typeform on both desktop and mobile devices to see how the background videos appear and if anything get cut off.

That’s it. Now the only thing left is: have fun with the Pexels video feature, let your imagination run wild, and bring your typeforms to life.


About Pexels

Pexels hosts a huge library of free, high-resolution videos. Over 35,000 new ones are added each month by a community of 22,000 videographers. Pexels is trusted by tons of businesses, like LinkedIn, Canva, and Wordpress.

You have a nice video of your own you want to share with the world in your typeform? Awesome! In that case, you can upload it to the Pexels library on their website (guidelines here), and then just search for it in the Typeform builder when creating your typeform. 

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