Typeform opens new Partner Program

Since launching our Developer Portal, we’ve been humbled to see Typeform’s sleek interface combined in innovative ways with some of our favorite SaaS products.

For example, you can now use typeforms to feed new leads into Autopilot. You can also add Typeform as an app to your Cloudflare site, or integrate your typeforms’ data with Chattermill’s analysis to get to know people even better.

We’ve tasted the fruits of collaboration—but now we’re hungry for more. That’s why today we’re kicking off our official Partner Program.

What does this mean?

As an official Typeform Partner, your company can:

  • Get access to Typeform’s user community
  • Tell your company’s story within the Typeform platform
  • Do some co-marketing with Typeform, tailored to appeal to both our audience and yours
  • Add extra value for your customers with our empathy-driven interface

In other words, a partnership with Typeform doesn’t just mean integration—it means co-operation.

Ready to embark on a beautiful partnership?

If you’re a tech company that wants to grow while still treating your customers as people, we’d love to get to know you better.

First, head over to our shiny new Partners page to see if we’re compatible. If you feel like there’s some chemistry, hit ‘Team up with Typeform’ and leave us your details—we’ll be in touch if we’re a good fit.

And if you still need some persuading, here are some words from Peter Sharkey, Cofounder and CPO at Autopilot:

“At Autopilot, our mission is to help marketers create remarkable, personalized experiences for their customers, making a partnership with Typeform a no-brainer. They make data collection so unique and engaging that we’d be doing marketers a disservice by not partnering.”

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