What’s new with Typeform?

2 min read

New fonts, better reports, integrations, and a new Phone Number question. Read on to find out more.

2 min read

An icebreaker for a digital age: If you were a font, which would you be? Well now you can try them all on for size. Access hundreds of new fonts to fit your unique brand.

We’ve also built new scheduling options. So you can close your typeform on a certain date, or when you hit a set number of responses.

Plus better reports, an Airtable integration, and a new Phone Number question. Read on to find out more.

Fond of fonts?

The font you choose says a lot about you. Whether you’re more of an Indie Flower or Abril Fatface—you now have access to hundreds of new styles, courtesy of Google Fonts. Here’s how to find them.

Oh, and believe the hype…erlink. Because now you can link any text in your typeform to send people wherever you’d like. Just highlight the text and add your link.

Forget about remembering to close your forms

Deadline on your prize draw? Limited seats at your upcoming magic show? You can now schedule your typeform to close on a specific date—or when you collect a set number of responses. Plus, you can customize your closed message to stay on-brand.

Get their number

Sometimes, calling someone is just easier. And now you can collect people’s digits with the new Phone Number question. It automatically detects missing numbers too—so there’s more chance you get accurate contact details. Ring ring.

Send answers to Airtable

With Airtable you can organize pretty much anything. Track projects, plan events, create calendars—even record your ferret’s medical history. With our new integration, you can match typeform questions with fields in Airtable—and watch your answers evolve.

Reports that tell the full story

Now you can include answers to open-ended questions—like Text, Date, and Number—in your reports. Plus, we added a Print button.

Head to the Results area to try out your new-look reports, or read more about how they work.

That’s it for now. When we’ve got more new Typeform nuggets to share, we’ll let you know.

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