Google Docs Integration
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Automatically turn the contents of your Google Doc into a typeform

By: Typeform

Google Docs is a critical part of many teams’ core technology stack. Especially in today’s world where many teams have gone remote or are spread out around the globe, Google Docs makes it easy for teams to collaborate, add comments, edit in real time, and polish + finalize a document without ever having to meet in person.

When creating a typeform, it can be common to seek other team members’ input or approval before publishing it and sending it off into the world. Perhaps someone from the sales team wants to have input on how you phrase the initial criteria questions, while the UX team wants to make sure that the questions are sequenced just right.

Now you can start mapping out your typeform in a Google Doc and when you're ready to import it into Typeform, all it takes is the press of a few buttons! From there you can edit the typeform in your Typeform builder, add media or question logic, and publish it once it's 100% good to go.

What you need:

  • A Typeform account with at least one active typeform
  • A Google account with at least one active Google Doc
  • Not necessary but very helpful ✨ Use this Google Docs template to help you with the importing process. You can copy this templae to your Google account to write questions that’ll work seamlessly with your new typeform.
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