Nift Integration

Thank Typeform respondents with a Nift gift card

By: Nift Networks

The Typeform Nift partnership offers all Typeform users a new way to thank respondents after completing a form or survey—a $30 Nift gift card they can use at thousands of businesses nationwide—free of charge.

This integration is an automated free service that allows Typeform users to thank their respondents by including a Nift gift card at the end of forms and surveys. Key features of the integration include:


Once Integrated, you can select which of your Typeform forms you want to include the Nift Thank you page.

Full Control

You can activate or deactivate the Nift Thank You Page at any time from any of your Typeform forms.


The Nift Thank you page will be added to the end of the selected forms. This page will inherit the theme of the form and a default thank you message will be added. You do have the ability to customize the message and button text at any time.


You will have access to a real-time dashboard that details how your respondents are using their free gifts.

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