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Sync your typeform responses to a Notion database

By: Typeform

With the Notion integration for Typeform, you can quickly sync all your typeform responses into a Notion database that you can set up to mimic the question fields you've created in your typeform. From there, you can create filtered views, add additional columns of information, and even add comments so that other team members can view and respond to the results. The versatility of Typeform and Notion make it such that you can use this integration for a number of use cases.

Take, for example, managing an event. You can create your event invitation in Typeform, and then create the database in Notion to gather RSVPs as they come in. With your Typeform RSVP results synced in your Notion database, you can quickly see RSVP status or keep track of important details like dietary restrictions or who's bringing a +1. From there, you can share this database with whoever else is hosting this event and needs access to this information too.

What you need:

  • A Typeform account with at least one active typeform
  • A typeform with questions that correspond to database fields in Notion
  • A Notion account with admin access and a database created to collect your typeform responses
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