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Add new leads to your Streak pipeline

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Our native Typeform integration means you can automatically add survey results, contact information, and more to Streak when someone fills out one of your typeforms.

Use typeforms to capture leads at the top of your funnel or to collect more information from existing customers or partners. Once they complete your form, you can add or update boxes in Streak, create contacts, and record survey results in your pipelines.

Here are just a few things you can accomplish with our Typeform <> Streak Integration:

Lead capture: Collect interest on your site or in newsletters and add leads’ contact information directly to your pipeline. Newsletter signups: add contacts to your pipeline and instantly send a confirmation or a welcome email using Streak's mail merge. Feedback and surveys: Find an existing box in your pipeline and add a comment with your customer’s feedback or survey responses. Customer onboarding: Gather information about new customers and move them to a new stage when they’re ready for onboarding.

What you need: A Streak Pro+ or Enterprise account with a pipeline created A Typeform account

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