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Wedding RSVPs

Wow your invitees with a beautiful mobile-ready RSVP

Match your look

Match your look

You’ve spent weeks picking the perfect dress. Now make sure your RSVP matches your look.


Let your guests RSVP, wherever they are, with a beautiful form that looks amazing on any device.
Conversational RSVP

Conversational RSVP

Create a smart RSVP tailored to each guest. One that chooses the best question to ask next.

Why use Typeform’s wedding RSVP template?

Because planning a wedding can be stressful, and Typeform can really simplify things. It’s all online and mobile-friendly, so before you accidentally glue a crepe paper rose to your eyelid—consider how easy sending and receiving your RSVPs could be. Got a theme for your wedding? Typeforms are completely customizable—from the font type and color, to the background and buttons. You can add GIFs, images, and videos. Typeform’s easy-to-use builder makes creating your RSVP a piece of wedding cake. Oh, and it can look just as inviting as a wedding cake too. A triple-layered, choco-fudge-caramel one.

Any tips on RSVP wording using Typeform?

Write your wedding RSVP as if you were revealing your nuptial news to your best friend. What would you say? A) “Miss Jennifer Oakheart and Mr. Jeffrey Pineneedle request the pleasure of your company…” or B) “Jeff and I are getting married! Please let us know if you can come to the wedding.” Be as natural as the babble that bubbles up at the reception dinner after a few vinos. With Typeform, questions appear one at a time, making if feel just like a conversation. Plus, you can give someone a personalized experience based on their responses. Learn how to do that, right here.

How can a RSVP typeform help me with wedding planning?

Here are some tips for your typeform that will help you out, and have guests counting the days. 1) Whet their appetites. Give guests a quick flash of the food by uploading pictures, and ask if they’d like the veggie option. 2) Make it a weddocracy. Let guests choose their favorite band by uploading YouTube videos and asking them to vote. 3) Tie everything up. Add links to external hotel and gift registries. 4) Personalize. Guest marks NO to the question: “Do you like ABBA-themed karaoke?” Uninvite them—asap!

What can I do with the responses?

Typeform’s flexible settings mean that you can choose what happens when an invitee hits send. Hook your typeform up with Google Sheets, and the information will magically appear in a spreadsheet for easy reading. Send custom email notifications to yourself, and to your guests (just in case they were drunk when they RSVP’d—there’s proof in their inbox). Let Typeform do the work while you focus on the important stuff. Like begging Grandpa Mick to wear underwear with his kilt this time. Please Grandpa, please!

Goodbye forms. Hello typeforms.

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