Fuel your growth with customer feedback

Uncover opportunities, figure out what's working, and fix what isn't. It all starts with asking.

Typeform allowed us to get to the core of what our product should be—what features to focus on, and where people are struggling.

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Start a real conversation with your customers

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Get better feedback

Ask for more detail when you need it, or skip questions entirely. People share more when surveys feel relevant.

  • Question branching and logic

  • Built-in media library

  • Plug in your existing data (like names)

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Share or embed anywhere

Launch your typeform in an email, share the link on social, or embed it right into your website.

  • Looks great on desktop or mobile

  • Embed as a popup, side bar, and more

  • No coding needed

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Fix things fast

Get a shareable report with a couple of clicks, or sync responses to your favorite tools. Data is always where you need it.

  • Easy-to-share reports

  • Analytics and results dashboard

  • Connect to Slack, Sheets, and more

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Integrations keep feedback on track

New feature request? Ping the product team automatically. And with Zapier and webhooks too, it's easy to build a workflow that works for you.

Explore time-saving integrations

With its user-friendy interface, we've seen responses to surveys and feedback improve drastically.

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Get closer to your customers

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