Get even more by going PRO

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Logic Jump

Make your typeforms smarter with some logic.

Build intelligent forms that ask different questions and show personalized endings based on what answers are given.

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Do simple calculations in your forms. It all adds up!

Make online quizzes and checkouts in seconds by giving each answer a value and function. Llama? Add 5. Monkey? Subtract 10!

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Hidden Fields

Use what you already know with Hidden Fields.

Populate your questions and results table with information you already have on file. Identify respondents from the link they clicked.

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File Upload

Easily ask your respondents to upload any type of file.

Need your respondents to send you a picture or document along with their answers? Use File Upload and we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

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Easily accept online payments using a Stripe account.

You’ll be Mr. Moneybags in no time. Add a Payment field to your typeform, connect a Stripe account, and you’re ready to go.

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Respondent Notifications

Stay in touch with your respondents after they answer.

Send notification emails to your respondents. Include a customized message, a summary of their answers, or more. All sent automatically.