From connection to conversion: A marketer's guide

We’ve gathered tips, tricks, and best practices into a marketing guide to help make you—and your team—the most effective marketers you can be.

What's in the guide


Understanding lead generation vs. demand generation

61% of marketers rank lead generation as their top challenge (Hubspot). This guide will help you identify customers who aren’t just interested in your service or product, but who are also ready to take the next step with your business.


Talking to your audience so they’ll talk back

72% of business leaders expect the shift to digital will create closer relationships with customers (HBR). It won’t happen overnight. Learn how to make the most of your customer relationships.


Don’t just nudge, nurture

The funnel is about playing the long game. It’s not just a single moment you need to make the most of—it’s a series of moments that keep your customers engaged over time.

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