Google Sheets for Typeform

Want another way to get your typeform’s results? Get them sent automatically to a Google Sheet with this native integration. It’s super simple to set up!

1. To connect your typeform to a Google Sheet, open it from your Workspace, then click on Connect. Now you can see our integrations, so click on Connect in the Send responses to Google Sheets box.

2. A message will pop up asking you to connect your Google account, or choose one you previously connected to Typeform. Choose an account, or follow the prompts to sign in to Google.

3. Click the Log in to Google button, which will open a new browser tab from Google. This is an example – I have three different Google accounts to choose from – what you see depends on your Google history.

4. Choose the account you want to connect to your typeform, and you’ll see the following screen:

Click Allow to connect your account, and return to your typeform!

5. Now we’re back, you can decide whether to connect your typeform to a brand new Google Sheet, or one you already have:

6. If you want to connect an existing sheet, click Use existing. Paste in the URL of your sheet and hit Connect to spreadsheet.

7. Alternatively, click Create new. Now just give your new sheet a name, and click Create Sheet to get going.

8. If your typeform already has some results, you can choose to also send them to your Google Sheet. This currently works for typeforms with up to 3000 results:  

9. You’ll now see the message below, so just click Save & Close to complete your integration!

10. The Connect panel will now look a little different:

Click View your Google Sheet here to open it in a new tab. Every time someone completes your typeform, the results will automatically be sent here.

If you want to stop results being sent there, you can toggle the green switch. You can turn it back on whenever you want.

Your Google Sheet will have a column for each question of your typeform, plus one for the time of submission, Submitted At, and another called Token. This is a unique identifier for every submission to your typeform.

Connect multiple typeforms to a single Google Sheet

You can connect as many typeforms as you want to a Google Sheet. Each new integrated typeform will send its results to a new tab in the Google Sheet. The new tab will have the same name as your typeform, so you can easily see which results are which.

Follow the instructions above, and when we ask Where do you want to send your responses? , choose Use existing:

Then paste in the URL of Google Sheet you want to connect. Now finish the integration set up as above.

You’ll now see a new tab appear in your Google Sheet, one for each form you have connected:

11. If you want to remove this integration completely, click the three dots, where you can delete the integration. This will allow you to integrate with a different Google account or spreadsheet: