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Gather more useful feedback and do more thorough research. 87% of users get deeper insights after switching to our survey tool—eureka!

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These are our most popular online survey and form templates. You can customize 
them with our survey maker—tweak everything from colors to question types.

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Here’s three (really good) reasons...

#1. It’s ticking boxes for brands like you

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I’m asking someone to take time 
out of their day to take a survey, 
so I want it to look and feel great.

CaraCara HarshmanHead of Content Marketing @ Amplitude

#2. It helps you get deeper insights

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Add question types that get people talking

Gather eye-opening feedback by inviting people to share opinions in different ways. Our survey tool has 20+ question types, from ranking to rating.

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Branch questions to get the full picture

Answers like “good” or “bad” don’t tell you much. But a good old rant does. Get people to expand on previous answers using tailored follow-up questions.

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Set up reporting 
to spark big ideas

Sync online survey responses to tools like Google Sheets and Zapier. They help you organize and digest data, so it’s easier to find the most useful stuff.

#3. It syncs with your essential tools







Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Sheets

Google Sheets



I like how I’m able to integrate with 
our CRM to collect the data we use.

NathanNathan BaileyFounder and CEO @ Kudo

The secrets to good survey-making?

Okay, we’ll let you in on them...

What survey questions to ask?

It all depends the type of survey you’re making...

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