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What makes a great online cake order form?

We buy with our eyes—and is there anything as visually tempting than a piece cake? Invest in good photography of your products and show them early on in the order form to whet the appetite. Now read your questions aloud. What do they sound like? “Name”, “type of cake”, “size of cake”. Come on, it’s cake! Layer on a bit of excitement—make the tone friendly and build anticipation. And just like your sweet bakes, details matter with order forms. Another suggestion? Change the text in the Submit button to something that generates more excitement when an order is placed.

How can my cake order form help boost sales?

A great product will help boost sales. But marketing can help—and your order form is a marketing opportunity. Crummy images of your cakes will lose trust. And cut out needless noise by deleting questions that aren’t absolutely necessary—now’s not the time to ask for feedback. Make the terms as clear as a transparent sugar glaze. How will the cake get there? How much are you charging for extras? Guarantees, if you can stick to them, help reassure potential customers. Most importantly, make it clear that the online payment is safe. Typeform links with Stripe for frictionless, secure transactions.

How can I reflect my brand using Typeform’s order form template?

Our order form template is fully customizable. You can apply a unique background design, add a welcome message with your logo, and match the color and font to your brand. Build your social media voice by adding a meta image and description in the Configure panel, so that every time you post your link, it comes with a delicious visual and on-brand message. It’s an opportunity to show off your catalog, so bake this into your typeform. Give them names that make your cakes stand out. There’s cheesecake everywhere—what makes yours tastier than the rest?

How can I make the order process more efficient?

Automate it. Typeform can send the order to your favorite web tool. Fan of Trello for managing kitchen to doorstep progress? Emails for receiving alerts? MailChimp for retargeting campaigns? They’re all there, along with over 500 other apps on Typeform Connect. Set up email notifications so that your customers have all the info. By reducing confusion, you’ll avoid unnecessary back-and-forth conversations. And if you really want the cherry on top? Listen to your customers. Follow-up with a feedback typeform—once they’ve licked the plate clean.

“The key to improving form fill and response rates is to offer beautiful, intuitive forms! Best of the bunch by a mile: Typeform”

Fatih Mehtap - Head of EMEA Startup Marketing

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