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Why not to use contest entry form word template

Whether you are making a marketing competition as a way to engage your customers or a modeling competition entry form to find hidden talent—an online form is the best option. There are lots of contest form templates in word and printable pdfs available, but they mean people can only sign up in person and you have the task of taking all that information and inputting into a google sheet. With an online form you are free to share your form with anyone with an internet connection, maximising entries and reducing your time spent on admin. With an online form you can have some fun with design and images to get people excited about that contest ahead or the prize draw.

How to make a contest entry form

Once you have decided on which online form to use, there are a few things you must include in your form. Be sure your online entry form has the technical facilities you need, like if you need people to upload photos or submit payments, make sure you’ve got that on your form.

Here’s the steps you should follow to make a contest entry form:

  1. Decide how you will process online submissions before you start
  2. Find a simple entry form template that you can customize
  3. Start by stating or showing the prize
  4. Explain the terms of the competition
  5. Explain the entry requirements
  6. Provide a link to legal terms and conditions of the competition
  7. Gather personal details (name, email, phone number)
  8. Ask them to make their submission (provide an upload option if needed)
  9. Provide them with a timescale for finding out who’s won
  10. Provide contact details in case users have further questions

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