Create a donation form to support your cause

Easily accept donations with this interactive, conversational form. Make giving even more human.

Customize your form to fit your needs and style. Change fonts, questions, images, and more.

Automate your workflow with integrations to Zapier, Google Sheets, your CRM, and more.

Close your typeform on a specific date or when you've got a certain amount of responses

Easily receive payments

Use our payment question and calculator features to easily accept donations, then receive the payments seamlessly through your Stripe account.

Works beautifully on any device

People can easily fill in your donation form on their phone, tablet or desktop. Typeforms ask one question at a time, so it feels more like a conversation and less like a form.

Save time with integrations

Easily connect your typeform to your favourite apps with our wide range of integrations, from Slack to Google Sheets. Spend less time copying data and more time doing what matters most.

“Just used Typeform for the first time and was blown away by the conversational UX, keyboard-first interaction, and overall attention to detail. Form builders are as old as the web, but this approach elevates the medium substantially.”

Johnny Rodgers - Product architect @SlackHQ

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