Employee Engagement Survey Template

When’s the last time someone said “I can’t wait to fill in that employee engagement survey?”

Stop interrogating, start asking. Find out what's going on with 10 simple questions.

Stand out and look nothing less than amazing—chop and change the template as you like.

Act on feedback and create the ultimate employee experience

Why should I do an employee engagement survey?

Don’t just ask if people like their job. Instead, send out intuitive, conversational employee engagement survey questions and boost your employee retention. You could discover how long they’ll stay at the company, or if they recommend you as an employer. In other words, give people a voice and they’ll use it.

Can I easily share the results with my team?

Get the feedback, and commit to presenting the outcome to your colleagues. With our reports, it’s easy to present your findings in a way that everyone will understand—then whip up employee engagement ideas together. Use infographics, average scores and real opinions—and put on a real show.

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