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Make your company’s hiring process smoother—use this job application form to save time (and headaches)

Wave goodbye to piles of CVs sitting on your desk, with this free job application form you can sift through candidates with ease. Prescreen applicants, ask for a video intro, or let them upload their best work—all from one powerful employee application form.

"Job applicants are people too. With typeforms, Userlane got to know the personalities behind the resumes"—Andy Mura, Head of Marketing at Userlane

"Typeform makes hiring decisions 10x easier for us"—Gary McGrath, Customer Success at Kayako

"My community needs to feel engaged, and your prompts for how to ask casual questions were so helpful when I was creating my application form"—Krystal Scott, Co-Founder of The Well

Wow your candidates

Recruitment’s a two-way thing. You need to impress your audience as much as they need to show you they’re the right hire. This job application form template is 100% customizable—chop and change the fonts, colors, and photos until it’s as unique as your company is.

Get the best answers

This template is fun, engaging, and a breeze to fill in. You want people to still be excited when they click Submit, right? Not relieved to finish after 50 questions. Plus, with Logic Jump, you the right questions for different roles—ask marketers about their social media knowledge and let design applicants upload their portfolio for you.

Automate your workflows

Lighten the load and let Typeform Connect do the lifting for you. Integrate your job application form with your favorite tools like Trello, Mailchimp, and Slack so you can spend more time finding the perfect fit for your team. Plus, you can shut this typeform on a certain day or when you’ve got 30 candidates in the running.

What needs to be on a job application form?

You can be as minimal or extravagant with your job application form as you like. Of course, for a simple employment application form, you’ll need to add the basic fields—like name, email, and a link to their LinkedIn. But after that, it’s up to you. Use our File Upload question to collect CVs or for applicants to upload an introduction video, or stay old school and let applicants do the typing.

Is this application form GDPR compliant?

Yes, totally. We understand that when you’re collecting personal details on a job application—you need to be sure it’s safe. Want to know more about our Privacy Policy? You can read more about it here, we even put it into plain English for you for transparency.

How can I optimize my job application form?

Of course, you want to get as many quality candidates you can. It makes your job easier. Here are our five top tips for optimizing your job application form:

  1. Keep it short—you don’t want people to drop off half way through, or fall asleep.
  2. Put yourself in the shoes of your applicant—does the application form flow well? Or does it feel clunky?
  3. Give people the option to link their LinkedIn profile instead of just their CV.
  4. Ask more original questions like, “What’s your favorite way to keep up to date with SEO?”
  5. Guide people through the application—let them know how much longer they have. Tell them when they have a couple more questions to go.

How can I format this application form?

You’re free to tweak fonts and colors of the template to match your brand. Make the job application experience interactive by adding videos, images, and GIFs. Write up friendly copy to make your candidates feel at ease. You can even embed your job application form into your website, so your candidates can easily find it. If you’re looking to understand more about your new employees you could create a feedback survey using our intuitive survey maker.

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