Are your employees happy?

An employee opinion survey can help you get to the bottom of problems in your company. Use the online survey to better understand if your workforce are happy and where they feel unsupported. Ask about their role, and leadership to get a full picture of their employee experience.

Add images, videos, logos, GIFs, and design to your typeform—and turn your bland, old survey into a brand-new experience.

Ask one question at a time and use images throughout. Filling out your survey will be a breeze.

Analyze your data in a beautiful survey report. Connect it to Google Sheets or your favorite web app.

Forms and surveys that perform

People abandon surveys because they get bored. Typeforms ask one question at a time to keep people engaged. Photos, GIFs and videos make them fun & interactive, so you get more insights to power your business.

How can I share my survey?

Embed surveys directly into a web page (no coding required) or with the click of a button, share via email, social media, or even through our Slack integration. Easy to complete on any device—so respondents can do it on the go.

300+ templates to discover

We’ve got templates for all sorts of things, from customer feedback and lead generation forms to digital marketing quizzes.

Creating forms for your employees

Make the survey experience easier for everyone. Your human resources team can build an employee opinion survey in minutes, and share it with your workforce. It’s intuitive and easy to fill in, no matter the device it’s being completed on, or the technical level of your staff.

Every company is different. We accommodate for evolving businesses with our flexible and fully customizable surveys. Take our template and edit the questions, or add your own. Use our beautiful design, or incorporate your own branding.

Improving employee satisfaction

When you don’t give opportunities to your staff to share their thoughts, they often feel they can’t complain. An online employee opinion survey provides a way for them to be open and honest, and help you gain important insights about your employees.

Empower them by allowing them to be open about what they don’t agree with, from leadership decisions to their role requirements. The questions you include in your survey are up to you and should be tailored to Human Resource’s objectives.

“Recently used Typeform to collect responses. Very easy to use, free and shows great analytics at the end of the survey. Recomended.”

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