Event Lead Capture Form Template

Grow your list of leads at conferences and expos with an event lead capture form

When you’re selling your product or brand, the last thing you want to do is look less than professional. So instead of handing over a crumpled piece of paper, or a slow loading form—hand them a typeform. Get their info quickly and easily. And start your relationship looking nothing less than amazing.

No need for clip boards, just hand your new contacts a tablet and you’ll get their details in a flash

With Typeform Connect, you can send leads straight to your favorite lead gen tools

Look great and impress your audience with a form that stays on-brand all day long

“Just got Typeform and I’m beyond excited to gather user feedback with beautiful forms. I feel like a survey artist!”

Yanina Wolfe - Customer Success @EightSpokes + Co-founder @CityAwakeBoston.

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