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How to make an event registration form

Firstly you should decide on whether you want your registration form to be printable, for example, on a Word template, or whether you would like it to be online.

We recommend you opt for the online form option as it is easier to track registrants, share the form itself, and use their contact information to share details about the event.

You should then:

  • Pick an online event registration tool
  • Find a template that suits you and your brand
  • Decide what information you need to collect
  • Decide how you will share this form

Picking the right form is the most important thing to do here.

Consider what you need. For example, you might need to integrate your event form with a payment system or an integration with something like Stripe or Paypal.

What should be included in an event registration form?

Your event registration form should combine both incentives to maximize the number of attendees and capture the information you need, without being overly time-consuming. You may want to include additional information fields to better understand who is attending your event.

The registration form should contain:

  • A value proposition about the event (basically is a phrase or message that states what is the benefit of this event for the attendees)
  • Contact information capture
  • Event time and location details
  • Secure payment systems (if necessary)
  • Thank you and confirmation message

Why use Typeform’s registration form template?

There are a number of form builders out there and you should pick the one that works best for you and your audience. Google event-form templates are a good, simple option but limit your ability to customize and create a buzz around your event.

Another option is to create an embedded WordPress form, while this is more flexible than Google forms, it is a lot more time consuming and harder to edit.

But with Typeform, you get a shareable link to a user-friendly form easy. We’re so confident our event registration template works, we dedicated an entire article to event management.

How can I share my form before the event?

Sharing your form is the most important part of the process, if people can’t access it then they won’t be attending.

Consider the way in which your attendees previously signed up but also things like their age and use of certain apps will alter this. With online forms you don’t need to embed them in WordPress on a website, you can usually share a link.

To share an event registration form effectively, you should:

  1. Get a shareable link for your event form
  2. Gather contact lists from previous events
  3. Consider channels to use e.g. Whatsapp groups, email list, social media posts etc.
  4. Decide on the number of times you will share the form
  5. Set a deadline for event registration

Can I connect with other event registration tools?

Yep. Once you’ve received your attendees’ information, you’ll want to use it as efficiently as possible. Typeforms offer more than 500 integrations with other web apps. Use the Stripe integration to accept registration fees, the MailChimp integration to store email addresses, or the Google Sheets integration to go spreadsheet crazy. Using integrations, you can get the most out of your data by setting up complete workflows. You’ll save so much time that you’ll be able to focus on the important stuff (like ordering the dips).

Can I put a cap on the number on invitees?

Everyone wants an event that’s fully booked. But you don’t want it to be overcrowded—there’s only so many canapés to go around. You can schedule your typeform to close on a specific date, or when you collect a set number of responses. Plus, you can customize your closed message to stay on-brand.

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