Connect with your sponsors through a beautiful form

Your event will be an amazing experience worth sponsoring, so let your form reflect that.

Show different Thank You screens depending on their donation, and send tax receipts automatically.

Add images, videos, logos, GIFs, and design to your typeform

No technical wizardry. Start accepting donations from your supporters in no time at all.

Save time with integrations

Easily connect your typeform to your favourite apps with our wide range of integrations, from Slack to Google Sheets. Spend less time copying data and more time doing what matters most.

Share and get responses easily

You can embed forms straight into your site—we’ll generate the code for you. Or launch in an email, share on social media, or copy and paste the link wherever. Plus, people can answer on any device—mobile, tablet, or computer.

300+ templates to discover

We’ve got templates for almost everything, from customer feedback and lead generation forms to digital marketing quizzes.

Collecting payments made easy

Your sponsors are essential to running a great event, so give them a warm welcome. This event sponsorship form is friendlier and more human than you’d expect a form to be — and more intelligent.

Typeforms have a simple-to-use look but behind that pretty face, you’ll find smart integrations that let you manage donations automatically. By adding a Payment question to your typeform, you can immediately collect payments via Stripe, safely and securely. All the while your respondents are seeing a beautiful single page form where they can show you their support.

Match your form to your event

Typeforms connect to many applications that help you keep track of who contributed how much, and everything else you need to know about your sponsors. Simply customize the template to match your branding and add or change questions relevant to your event.

Don’t worry about functionality when going all out with your own design and visuals: typeforms are mobile-friendly so they’ll even work for sponsors who decide to help while on the go. You can add pictures or even a thank-you video at the end to make your form part of the event experience, not just a formality.

“It was super easy to use. We created our typeforms within minutes. The entire process was fast, smooth and efficient!”

Adelina Noge - Content Marketing Specialist @ Flipsnack

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