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How can funny online polls boost brand awareness?

Branded polls are a great way of staying top-of-mind with people that use your product—and popping into the minds of those who don’t. With humor always in play, there are a number of ways your brand can engage with your audience. Airbnb, for example, polls people about their wildest dream vacation scenarios, but avoids polling directly about their platform. Domino’s pitted their pizza sales against the President’s approval ratings. Polls can also get people involved in decision-making—Krispy Kreme, for example, ran a #DoughnutBowl playoff to decide on their new flavor. Set the context for your current marketing push, and let humor endear people to your brand.

Where can I get inspiration for funny poll questions?

Sidle up to your silly side—you might be surprised what pops out. Start a brainstorming session with colleagues where anything goes, then sift through the madness to find that one gold nugget. If that fails, Twitter is an endless source of weirdness. Always keep an eye on national holidays and upcoming events and find a way to link your product with them. April Fool’s Day? Ask for votes on a prank story you plan to publish. Eurovision Song Contest? Play clips and poll the corniest song ever. The news is a bottomless pit of wacky goings-on—get a daily digest and riff off some of the stories. Try to keep your aim in mind, and give people a valuable experience as well as a chuckle or two.

Why use funny polls as part of an online marketing strategy?

Because people share things that make them laugh. In Jonah Berger’s book Contagious, humor is one of the “high arousal” positive emotions that prompts people to talk about—and share—content. Egyptian cheese brand Panda created a series of funny ads that people loved, provoking them to show the videos to friends and family. Humor, when done right, can form a powerful bond between the company and content consumer. Let’s face it—marketing messages don’t always feel that natural. But humor is a great leveler—people warm up to brands that show their human side. Friendly, engaging content will trump aggressive guerrilla marketing every time.

Why should I use Typeform’s funny poll template?

Typeform is the perfect tool for injecting your personality into an online experience. Create a typeform that matches your brand by changing the background, font, and color scheme. Images, GIFs, and videos can accompany most question types, which can really help lure out those LOLs. In real life, the flow of a conversation shifts depending on what each participant says—use the Logic Jump and Calculator features to respond differently depending on the answers provided. The best thing about Typeform? Sweet, sweet data. Analyze the results in a number of ways—via the results panel, by downloading them, or by integrating with your favorite app. Draw conclusions from the results, and feed the learning points back into the next iteration of your online poll.

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